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Någon som har besökt i London? Skall dit om några veckor och funderar på ett besök :)
Antidote is a Soho wine bar that has been around for a few years, but now has a major change in direction in the kitchen. Mikael Jonsson of Hedone has been appointed to oversee the cooking: he has brought in some new chefs and supplies the produce from Hedone, including the superb bread. The dishes are simpler than those at Hedone, and you will not see the same luxurious ingredients that adorn the Chiswick restaurant’s carte blanche menu. However Mikael Jonsson’s idea of “second class” ingredients would still put the vast majority of top London restaurants to shame. At two meals early on there were some teething issues, but the second meal was noticeably better than the first, and doubtless this progress will continue. Chocolate molleux with passion fruit sorbet was a star dish, as was excellent suckling pig. This is already shaping up to be better than virtually anywhere else in the area. - See more at:


Återgår till pendeldrickning post-COVID.
Någon som har besökt i London? Skall dit om några veckor och funderar på ett besök :)
Min gissning är att det mesta smakar mäsk, blöta plåster, är tunnt/blaskigt, orent...
Men, jag kan ju ha fel. Har pratat med flera CT's som fascinerats av hur mycket "skumt" man kan få dricka av dessa lata producenter som inte ids uppfostra sina barn...
Vem? Jag? Neggo?