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    Ett mail damp (bokstavskombination) precis ned i brevlådan som kan vara av intresse för dem med lite mod i barm och intresse för världen utanför SB.:

    BerserkerDay 'NewbiePalooza' is live now!
    With this past BerserkerDay's success (nearly $2million sold!), and working to be sure we continue to introduce our community to new and exciting wines and gourmet foods, we have put together a much more manageable, smaller event that highlights only 'newbies', since it's so difficult to manage that during the madness of BerserkerDay.

    A unique aspect of NewbiePalooza is that we had Monopole Crü member volunteers do tasting notes on the samples sent to them by the producers, so we have some known and respected members of the community helping out with those who are curious what the wines/food are like. These notes are posted in the offer threads, and each of the MC members has agreed to stick around for questions as they come up, if at all possible (since it IS a work day and all!)

    NewbiePalooza is now live, and you can find it here -

    See you all in January for BerserkerDay!

    Todd French, Founder
    Wine Berserkers

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