Senaste nytt

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Cellartracker tar nästa steg!


Återgår till pendeldrickning post-COVID.
Alla vi som är på CT och vill få mail av CT, har fått denna spännande lilla guldklimp som bådar mycket gott om framtiden! Förstår mig på trenden om 22,5 år ;-)

Dear N.N.,
I hope you’re doing well and getting ready for the holiday season!

When we emailed this summer, we made clear that we’re building up our team to realize much more of the potential of CellarTracker. We are excited to say that we have now grown from 5 wonderful team members to 12. You can ‘meet’ us all here.

One of our new team members is our first data scientist, also named Eric – and we’re putting him to work right away! We’ve asked Eric to help us answer the “what to bring/serve” holiday wine question.

One angle that we’ve enjoyed exploring has been Eric’s take on drinking windows, especially because determining when to drink a wine is one of the top reasons people use CellarTracker. Eric has modeled the data from the ratings in our “collective cellar,” generated by the entire community:


We’re seeing that Châteauneuf-du-Pape, using the especially ageworthy Beaucastel as an example, blossoms after 22.5 years.


When we talk about Cabernet, Caymus should be opened around 12.5 years post vintage.


Then there’s Bordeaux. For this example, we start to see scores rise after 15 years, with another mini-peak at 22.5 years. As we know, though, the sky’s the limit on aged Bordeaux - and Château Pichon Lalande shows an amazingly consistent trend over time.

We hope that this gives you a glimpse into the power of our collective cellar – and we’ll be sharing much more as we learn. We'll direct you to the data in our app and on the website as soon as it's available. For now, at least you’ll have one more thing to debate at your holiday dinners!

We’re excited to be in contact with you a bit more in the months ahead – keep an eye out for more information from us via email and social media, likely with an updated look and feel as we refresh our design a bit.

As always, you’re in charge of how much you want to hear from us, so please update your preferences as you see fit.

Have a safe, healthy and happy holiday season.

Thank you,
Eric & the (growing) CellarTracker team

Crist(al)ian 77

50 Shades of Grape
Kul funktion!

Den mytiska syrahtunneln kan äntligen få ett ansikte...

Sedan är jag inte särskilt enig med CT:s drickfönster när det gäller viner (läs champagne) som jag har koll på men rolig funktion ändå.