Cuban 2009 rumours about news

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    Copy/pasted from other forum

    The Cohiba Gran Reserva will not be a permanent addition to the brand´s portfolio. It´s a one-off release for 2009 totalizing 5 000 boxes comprising 15 Siglo VIs. 75 000 cigars total
    We have enough tobacco for this and the cigars are a beauty, all manufactured at El Laguito.

    Here are the Limited Edition for 2009.
    Romeo and Julieta DUKE,Parejo, heavy ring gauge.
    H.Upmann Magnum 48 , Parejo, standard ring gauge.
    Bolivar Petit Belicosos, figurado

    RyJ Duke 54 x 140 mm
    Upmann Magnum 48 48 x 110 mm
    Boli Petit Belicosos 52 x 125 mm

    Four special releases only aimed at CDH for 2009 as follows¨:
    H.Upmann Noellas Yepp. Crystal Jar resembling the original 25 cigs (Should be 5000 jars)
    The replica of the Festival Special Box comprising 10 cigars, maybe 20 000 boxes, not sure at all.
    The Habanos Collection Book. San Cristobal de la Hbana. Vitola O´Reilly. 20 cigars
    Replica of an ancient Humidor from Montecristo. Nicely presented.
    All of them except the Festival case, should be ready in October 09

    At the Festival opening we will be launching the "Montecristo Open" Eagle, Master, Regata and Junior. I know how excited you are to see these!

    Jag har ställt mig i kö för H.Upmann Noellas Yepp :)
    Gran Reserva ställer jag mig tveksam till, missnöjd med Montecristo releasen
    Habanos boken skall jag så klart försöka få tag på
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    SV: Cuban 2009 rumours about news

    Kanske läser jag för dåligt eller också fattar jag lite långsamt man vad är det för festival som nämns?

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