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    Inga soltorkade tomater i detta vin, men lite russin:

    2009 La Spinetta (Rivetti) Barbera d'Asti Cà di Pian
    2014-05-07 (80 p.)
    Second last Barbera of our collection, as part of our full immersion in to this grape. Goal: to feel confident enough to pick it at blind tastings. However, we find this grape bland or ... slick. No coherent aroma-handles for us. The expressions in Piemonte ranges from Beaujolais to massive Napa Cab and the aromas range from tiny, bashful red fruits to dark and massive, chocolatey aromas via roses and violets...

    This btl has a quality of rather matured, rasiny, berries on the palate. Slight percieved sweetness. Strong acidic structure, hollow mid-palate, and ending short. Tannins are M- and don't add to this wine's structure. A bland wine speaking Italian, for sure, but... I always expect a lot from La Spinetta, and this btl doesn't deliver.

    Blinded, this one has so many more markers for a Corvina Ripasso than for a Barbera...

    I don't (yet) get it with his grape. One last try for tomorrow's lunch.
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